Wonderful Evening! Annexe, Birmingham City Centre.

An incredible evening at Annexe! There are no words to fault this restaurant. A fusion restaurant of both French and Italian cuisine; it was sheer food heaven! You know those occasions where you try something and it tastes so good that you smile like an idiot and you do a little dance in your chair (don’t act like you don’t do it!), it was one of those evenings!!!

Annexe is a small and intimate restaurant rustically decorated as one would imagine for a French/ Italian dining experience. The tables were very well decorated with a small candle which even though each table had one made the diner felt like it was a personal gesture. The lighting was dim which also complimented the candle setting which made the restaurant even more intimate and romantic. Entering the restaurant alone made you feel calm, relaxed and welcomed. The lady that served us for the evening was very polite, accommodating and gentle in her manner of speaking.

For starters we ordered leak and asparagus soup and a salmon soufflé. Soup is a common starter dish in restaurants in the UK but I am yet to fault it as a choice on a menu; it is very simple to make but sometimes simple is the best dish that one can order. The soup was very flavoursome, exactly what I needed to keep warm at this time of year.

The soufflé was divine! I am a massive salmon lover and I was in for a real treat! A warm and hearty dish that was rather ‘salmony’ but gorgeous. The sauce that completed this dish was not heavy, thick or dense but classically aromatic and creamy.

For main we had the Côte de Boeuf with garlic portabella mushrooms, confit tomatoes, winter greens and hand cut chips. The meat also came with 3 types of sauce these were: peppercorn, bordelaise and Bleu D’Auvergne. Just writing about it is making my mouth water. The meat was cooked to medium rare as requested, the tenderness of the meat was beyond believe which to my knowledge and understanding suggested that the beef had been hung and tenderised for an extended period of time. Also, the piece was well carved as there were no nerves or unwanted chewiness whilst indulging in this delightful meal. The sides that accompanied the beef were very complimentary; the hand cut chips were hot in temperature and very light and airy suggesting its freshness in preparation prior to concocting this fabulous dish.

Our second main was Slow Roast Pork Belly with pancetta, honey & sesame roast roots, tarragon & course grain mustard jus. It does indeed sound very wordy but just like the Côte de Boeuf this was also a fantastic dish. Pork indeed is a rather fatty meat but was cooked so that most of the fat had burnt off in the cooking process. The pork was also very tender and full of flavour, almost quite rich to say the least but in a way that didn’t put you off the meal- in fact I was disappointed when there was none left.

Annexe was possibly one of the best dining experiences I have encountered and would highly recommend this restaurant to any consumer. I would more than happily return to this wonderful restaurant and bask in the utter wonderfulness of the cuisine delivered. Absolutely fantastic!


One thought on “Wonderful Evening! Annexe, Birmingham City Centre.

  1. Certainly on my list of places to dine.As a fusion restaurant it looks great but I wonder where do I get the real Italian dining experience where food and service are simple and dishes stand alone by flavour.
    Cooked and served in an authentic way. I pine for the days when I ate minestrone soup in Pepitos wolverhampton and got slapped around the head by mamma when I asked for more bread.

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