Violife Vegan Cheese

Well hello cheddar cheese that is not cheese but is cheese.

I think I may be a little late to the party with this one but hey, better late than never. I discovered this cheese when I was watching a Youtube video and just became really curious as the Youtubers were discussing different types of vegan cheese, this was the one that they liked the most; they practically ate the whole thing (definitely something I’d do).

At the weekend I ventured to my local supermarket and came across it in the free from aisle and thought I’d give it a go. I have had vegan cheese in restaurants before but as part of a dish. I hadn’t actively bought it or tried to make my own at home – yet. As cheese goes, this was pretty damn good. It smells like cheddar cheese and the texture is pretty accurate. As for the flavour, it’s almost got this nuttiness about it (even though it has no nuts in it) which I really liked; it’s not as creamy as the standard cheddar cheese and the flavour doesn’t linger as much but this doesn’t make me like it any less.

All in all this is quite a good alternative to cheddar cheese, it definitely gets my vote and will be a product that I will purchase again.

2020-07-27 12.42.37