Buenos Aires Steakhouse. Richmond, Surrey

It has felt like absolute yonks since I had a good piece of steak. Buenos Aires steakhouse in Richmond have always delivered good quality, juicy steaks; it has been my go to for a good few years now.

On their menu they used to have medallions of beef which came in the weight of 6oz with an accompaniment of vine tomatoes. Around 95% of the time that used to be the option that I’d go for.
Unfortunately they took that off the menu before lockdown, which was disappointing as a fillet steak is the most tender and the least likely to have nerves. This time I went for the 8oz Rib-Eye which was just so flipping tasty. As you can see in the picture below, just serious juiciness. Please believe that bad boy did not last long, it was so damn good. I am a sucker for a steak sauce too, my go to tends to be peppercorn; I just can’t get enough of that stuff, with actual peppercorns in the sauce too.

If you ever get the change to venture down to Richmond and are in the mood for some good steak meatiness then check out Buenos Aires; you won’t be disappointed.

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