Cafe Primerose, Paris. France.


Cafe Primerose is a wonderful place to go for lunch, dinner or just for a coffee; situated a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower. Ordering tagliatelle au saumon was a superb choice. The dish consisted of both fresh salmon and smoked salmon; the combination melted in my mouth. The tagliatelle was al dente and so was not too soft or too hard. The smokiness of the smoked salmon seasoned the dish and so no further addition of salt, pepper nor cheese were necessary for this wonderful plate of flavour. Eating this dish was an absolute pleasure; it made me smile as each mouthful seemed to be more delicious as the next. Absolutely gorgeous dish!


Le Sarah Bernhardt, Paris. France

Magret de canard- Paris

Magret de Canard – Duck Breast Pepper Sauce.

This dish may indeed be simple but it was absolutely divine. The duck was cooked just right, not over done and not too rare either. The combination of the meat with the potato melted in your mouth. The pepper sauce was not too over powering so you could taste the full flavours of the meat. Tender and delicious. Went beautifully with a glass of red.

Where have you had the best ‘spaghetti bolognese’?

If you were to visit Bologna in Italy, spaghetti bolognese is pretty much non existent! However, if you wanted tagliatelle al ragu then this is the dish you are looking for! Ragu is a meat based sauce born in the city of Bologna. Today this sauce has become this commercialised dish known as spaghetti bolognese; which its recipe is completely different to the original. What are your interpretations on making a bolognese/ ragu sauce?

Guadalest, Spain

El Riu is a restaurant which can be found on the way to Castell De Guadalest located in Alicante, Spain. After visiting this wonderful restaurant on numerous occasions I thought I should finally take the liberty in writing something about it. El Riu specialises in charcoal grilled meat; which is always cooked to perfection. The diversity of meat that is available is quite extensive as they offer: quails, rabbit, lamb cutlets, leg of lamb chops and even goat chops! All these types of meat alongside some others. The meat is very simply cooked, with no added condiments which allows the meat to absorb the smokiness of the charcoal and meat juices combined together. Incredibly tender and juicy!!